Our network of delegation

Iberteam has brought together different logistics operators who share the same vision: that of combining strengths to gain in service.

Hence, Iberteam is comprised of transport companies which service the entire national territory, providing their different logistics specialisations to configure the most comprehensive services portfolio which can be needed in relation to transport, logistics, importing and exporting, based in Spain.

The network offers daily shipments from all points, with direct connection or by means of coordinated services, which allows for covering the entire Spanish mainland, the Balearic and Canary islands.

All logistics operations are computer managed using a unified system. A unique neuronal network which is updated in real-time, allowing us to know the status of the dispatches at any point.

Our organisation manages all administrative functions related to monitoring and tracing the dispatches in a unified manner, this allows us to interact among each other and, more importantly, with our clients.

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